What Bill Lee’s First Nominations Mean for Tennessee’s Future

By Keel Hunt __ McWhorter brings no direct experience to state government, but his background lends credence to Gov.-elect Lee’s pledge of citizen leadership. Below ground in downtown Nashville — in a forlorn-looking cavern of abandoned legislative offices and silent hearing rooms — a new Tennessee state government is quietly taking shape. Barely three weeks[Read More]

When Nashville’s way-finders lose their way

By: Keel Hunt  — If we can manage for a moment to turn our attention from the latest skyscraper news and the coming of the 2019 NFL Draft, we need to talk about something unsettling. There is an odd feeling about Nashville in this current period of transition – a sense of instability, disconnection, un-rootedness.[Read More]

Donald Trump blew in, blew up, and smeared Phil Bredesen, a good man

By: Keel Hunt  — I love a good floor-stomping barn-burner of a political rally as much as the next fellow. I grew up in Tennessee and it comes with the territory. I learned early to enjoy the colors, noises and chaos of well-attended candidate events, from bean suppers over in East Nashville to the late[Read More]

It’s Not About the Military

By: Keel Hunt  — “Some days are diamonds, and other days are rocks.” Johnny Cash famously said that (to Tom Petty) and you know what he meant. If we’re lucky, we have more bright diamond days in our lives than stones. Like that time you met the love of your life, or your wedding day,[Read More]

Let’s Fix the Things We Can: Lessons from Memphis and Nashville

By: Keel Hunt  — So much that happens in our world today seems so far from our control. I am not referring to natural disasters – hurricanes, tsunamis, floods – but the human-made problems that are so within the realm of human solving. Sometimes even the relevant authorities do not help us. Take the paralysis[Read More]

Remember the Second Wave of Grief, Recovery

By: Keel Hunt — What about the second responders? In this season of hurricanes and earthquakes, forest fires and other monstrous dangers to life and property, we hear much – and we should – about the “first responders” who jump into action when disaster happens. These are the firefighters, police, EMTs, National Guard and others[Read More]

Saving the Dreamers, and Dreaming of Heroes

By: Keel Hunt —   Only one week in, and September is already the cruelest month. As if the hurricanes Harvey and Irma weren’t bad enough – to say nothing of a frighteningly nuclear North Korea – the way President Trump has manipulated the DACA issue this week is the most heartless and repugnant action[Read More]